About Us

In The Name Of Good Hair is the #1 Manufacturer, Distributor, and Retailer of 100% Pure Raw Indian Human Hair exclusively for natural textures. Our goal is to ensure that Good Hair, Hair Care, and Hair Education is key! We provide our diverse clientele with healthy, luxurious,100% pure raw unprocessed human hair. Our hair is taken directly from individual donors in East Indian.

Our hair is raw unprocessed human hair that has not been chemically treated. There are no permanent /semi-permanent colors.  Perms or relaxers used to alter the color, texture or curl pattern of the hair. All the hairs are weft with cuticles aligned in the same direction, in order to prevent tangling.

Our hair comes in natural textures of Curls and Waves and natural colors of Black or Brown. The hair can be colored with professional permanent and semi-permanent coloring products. Our hair is re-usable and long lasting, with proper care hair can last 1-3 years (longer than other hair suppliers).


Style: Straight, Waves, and Curls

Patterns: A, B, C, & D pattern

Color: Natural black or Natural brown

Weft: Machine weft, single drawn/aligned cuticles

Weight: 3.5oz - 4.2oz

Lengths: 12"- 34" inches

Longevity: 1-3 yrs. with proper maintenance 

Quality Assurance:

Our hair is 100% pure raw human hair, unprocessed and no chemical treatments. We only and must sterilize, wash, and remove any or all undesirable hairs that is bad, unsuitable, or unhealthy for use.

Our quality control process is extremely detailed and thorough. We conduct a very strict procedure that reassures our clients of receiving only the best product(s). We sterilize, wash, treat with conditioners to each bundle/piece of hair, and re-examine weft/stitching. 

To guarantee the assurance to quality control and customer satisfaction, we again carefully re-examine and inspect each hair prior to shipping.