Can I color the hair?

Yes, the hair can be colored. Please consult with your stylist and/or professional that is experienced with coloring virgin human hair extensions.

How long does the hair last?

Our hair can last 1-3years with proper maintenance, it is real hair...meaning take are of the hair like you would do your own hair.

How many ounces of hair is in each bundle?

Each bundle of hair range from 3.0-4.2oz

How many bundles is needed for a full head sew-in or custom wig?

Each bundle of hair is 3oz-3.7oz, for a full head 6-8oz (2 bundles) is recommended. For a fuller look 9oz-12oz (3-4 bundles) is recommended.

What is Pure Raw Human Hair?

Pure Raw human hair is hair that has been sourced, cut and wefted from 1 single donor, no chemical processing what so ever. No coloring, No texture manipulation, No mixed hair strands to create full weft bundles.