Love Stories

 Dear In The Name of Good Hair,

"All the things I LOVE about the hair...the bundle size was VERY nice...they were 2 nice FULL bundles! My sister and other stylists were VERY impressed! The softness is GREAT! And its VERY bouncy after I take the flexi rods out.  If I don't use the rods the curls are still there! I could go on and on about this hair, but I thought I should let you know that I'm very satisfied with my purchase!"

Khesi P. 

"I have had my hair in for 2 months exactly and I must say this is one if not the best brand/quality hair I've come across. The hair is very soft and always looks and feels new. I'm a loyal customer to In The Name of Good Hair."

Nancy I.

"In the Name.of Good Hair fits all the categories I am looking for when I wear extensions. Quality, Endurance, Long Lasting, Natural and easy Maintenance. I have fallen in love with Indian Curly. The texture is very close to my hair and my curls are stunning! People always stop me and compliment my hair. Whether it is straight, curled or in its natural state my hair is always on point! I even wore Indian curly on vacation.  My hair was beautiful and maintained its texture. I washed my hair after returning from the pool and/or ocean and was ready for my next adventure. No tangles and no excessive shedding.
I will never return to Remy extensions!!"

Kentavia J.

"I was really impressed with my hair from In The Name of Good Hair. You don't have to be an avid weave wearer to recognize a good one from a bad one and I had a great one!  I got my installation in April 2012 and it looked fabulous all the way thru 4-5 months that I wore it. I had it taken down and same hair reinstalled and still fabulous. I got nothing but compliments and questions about where I got my hair from. So for all my feature protective style needs, I'm sticking with what I know and who I trust and that's the products found at In The Name of Good Hair."

Happy/Loyal Customer: