Tips & Tricks


Flexi Rods is definitely your hairs best friend, less heat and 10 times the curls. Flexi rods are a great styling tool that helps to minimize the amount of heat used on your hair, helping to protect hair from heat damage and breakage allowing your hair to maintain long lasting healthy hair and giving it even better long lasting curls (works great with all hair types). 

Sea Breeze and Application Bottle best method for cleaning your scalp while wearing a sew-in

  • Pour a little bit of sea breeze into the application bottle 
  • Stick the pointed cover on/through your scalp
  • Use towel to protect eyes, face, and neck from sea breeze 
  • Avoid getting sea breeze on hair 
  • Let sit for 5-7mins 
  • Wash, shampoo and condition hair as needed (sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner works best for hair extensions). 
  • Dry and style as desired